You Must Remember This...

  SettingLarger Number
Smaller Number
 ISO for low light
 for best quality
 high # = more grain
 Shutter stop motion
 for low light
 fraction of a second
 Aperture more depth of field
 for low light
 a.k.a. f-stop

Minimum shutter speed = focal length of lens
Shorter focal length lens = more depth of field

Use A or Av mode when you want to manually set the aperture to control depth of field
Use S or Tv mode when you want to manually set the shutter speed to stop motion

Shutter speed of B or Bulb = shutter open as long as you hold down the button (use a tripod).
Use fill-in flash exposure adjustment of - 2/3 when shooting portraits outside.

Print this page and cut out the above quick reference guide to keep in your camera bag.